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Get a New View of Your Project

Engineering Design Services LLC employs technology such as the DJI Matrice 300 RTK. With a one hour flight time, thermal imaging camera and 23x optical zoom camera, we can help capture your projects in a way that helps you operate more efficiently. All of our pilots are FAA certified.


Flare Tip Inspection

Keep safety at a maximum by keeping your workers on the ground and your tools far away from the flare tip. Our drones are equipped with 23x optical zoom cameras capable of taking photographs of flare tips from far enough away to avoid any potential accidents. 

Hot Spot Detection

Make sure your process is running smoothly by inspecting your equipment for burn through and hot spots. Our drones have an integrated radiometric thermal imaging camera capable of capturing the sharpest of images.

Project Tracking

Stay on top of construction progress by taking iterative photos of your build. An overhead aerial shot can be taken of the exact same scene from the exact same location and used to compare the productivity in the field versus what is reported.

Insulation Inspection

Make sure your insulation is performing the way it should be. Our drone mounted thermal imaging capabilities allow you to quickly look for areas where your insulation may be failing.


Laser Scanning

Turn a multi-day field walk into a couple days working from the office by implementing the use of drone based laser scanning for your next project. In less than a day, an entire unit can be scanned, processed and uploaded to allow for remote "field walks" - eliminating the need for large amounts of personnel in the field and therefore reducing the potential for injury.