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PLC Specifications


Do you have a piece of equipment that uses controls but are unsure on how to best provide those controls? Allow EDS to develop your control narrative for you and specify your equipment. EDS is familiar with both Modicon and Triconex PLCs. 

One Line Diagrams


EDS will model all electrical connections in your facility to develop a one line diagram model. This model can then be used to perform tests such as an arc flash study. Additionally, it can be used to determine facility power consumption. Having a completed one line diagram for your plant can help you prioritize necessary items for future expansion by quantifying available power resources that currently exist.

Arc Flash Studies


Arc flash studies allow customers to understand where there is potential for arc flash within their facility. EDS can perform an arc flash study and determine what labeling is required in your facility and ensure your facility is up to code. Arc flash studies can be easily provided after the completion of a one line diagram.

Smart Plant Integration


Smart Plant Integration is a great way to bring your plant into the 21st century. Smart Plant allows all of your drawings to be linked together, making maintenance and work history a breeze to track. Smart Plant P&ID allows you to click directly on a P&ID item, such as a piece of equipment, and see all related documentation that is on file.

Loop Checks


Loop checks are a necessary part of any new project commissioning. Engineering Design Services can provide the support  you need in order to make sure your startup goes smoothly.

Instrument Specification


Making sure you're using the correct instrumentation in the right application is vital to maintaining smooth operation. Let Engineering Design Services help you choose the right instrumentation for the job. We work directly with vendors to compile different sensing options that can be compared to determine what instrument is right for any job.

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