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Pipe Stress Analysis


Pipe stress analysis is one of the highest in-queried services of EDS. EDS uses Caesar II, an industry leading software, to evaluate piping and determine if changes to supports are needed. EDS can also determine the size of spring cans/hangers required and the nozzles loads on equipment due to installed piping. 

  • Thermal Expansion / Line Displacement

  • Nozzle Loading

  • Spring Can/Hanger Sizing

  • Pipe Support Requirements

ASME B&PV Design


EDS offers a variety of services covered under the boiler and pressure vessel code. Whether you need a new fiber reinforced plastic tank or a full new tower, EDS can handle the engineering and design for you. EDS uses software like Compress to help in the design of new vessels and towers.

ASME B&PV Section VIII Div. I & II

EDS can develop vessels and towers that adhere to either division of section VIII. Additionally, EDS can design modifications to existing vessels. EDS Engineers have provided engineering support for Div. I and II vessels for companies such as EPIC, Valero, Oxy Chemicals and Steel Dynamics.

ASME B&PV Section IX

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Vessels are becoming more and more popular. EDS can ensure the vessels at your jobsite are built to specification and won't fail when you need them the most.

Rotating Equipment


EDS offers pump and compressor sizing as a part of the portfolio of services available. EDS will determine what type of rotating equipment is appropriate for your application and size it accordingly, providing quotes and efficiency curves for review.

Back Flow Preventers


Many municipalities require back flow preventers to be inspected. Additionally, some require that a professional engineer review the inspection report and seal an affidavit confirming it was completed. Engineering Design Services is happy to offer this service to our industrial market.

3D Modeling


Engineering Design Services offers 3D modeling using a variety of software packages. We can model anything from the components of a single valve to an entire unit. We utilize SolidWorks, Caesar II, CADWorx, AutoCAD and Abaqus amongst others. We also can provide photo-realistic renderings of components.

P&ID & PFD Generation


Plants run on P&IDs and PFDs. EDS can review your current drawings against what exists in the field to determine whether or not they need updating; which we also provide as a service. Our engineers have worked on pipelines, gas fracs, refineries, chemical plants and steel mills which gives us familiarity with almost every process.

Computational Fluid Dynamics


Engineering Design Services offers Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) support. We can model an entire process stream or a single component. CFD can be used to properly size equipment, detect likely wear areas on internals and assist with the design of turning vanes. 

Pipeline Compliance


Engineering Design Services has a significant amount of experience working on pipelines. Whether you need a hydrotest reviewed, pigging launcher/receiver designs or just want to check compliance against 49 CFR Part 192, 195 or other applicable standard; we can help.

PSV Calculations


Engineering Design Services can help ensure that your PSVs are sized correctly to help mitigate risk. We commonly specify and size PSVs that will be connected via piping to any pressure vessels and other equipment that we've designed. Whether your adding PSVs for a new application or reviewing your existing ones due to process changes, Engineering Design Services can help.

Failure Analysis


Have a crack, bend, hole or other damage to equipment? Want to know if it can be fixed or needs total replacement? We can help! Engineering Design Services can review the damaged component, determine the root cause of failure and help redesign the component to better fit your needs.

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