Rapid Reviews

One of EDS's most popular services is the rapid review process. EDS will send an engineer onsite to meet with your team and tour your facility (where  applicable) such that process improvements can be made and efficiency's increased. All of EDS's engineers (that will be sent onsite) have Lean Six Sigma training.

A typical Rapid Review Service:

  1.  Arrive onsite and meet with the leadership team (1-3 hours)

  2.  Tour of the facility or product requiring engineering attention (1-3 hours)

  3.  Review of the organizational structure and process flow information (2-4 hours)

  4.  Interviews with key staff members about their roles and design/production process (2-4 hours)

Over the next 48 hours, EDS will then develop a comprehensive plan showing where process or product improvement can be made.

The comprehensiveness and scope of the rapid review process can be tailored to meet any price point and schedule.