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Startup  Advising

Starting a new company with a new product has enough challenges, so why stress putting together an all-star engineering team too? EDS offers the ability to offload your engineering requirements to an experienced and professional staff that has worked in the startup industry. Whether it's designing consumer product enclosures, printed circuit boards or full-scale multidisciplinary work, EDS can help. Our staff has worked on robotics, plastic extrusion, home automation and more.

EDS employs people with trusted certifications such as:

  • Professional Engineering License (P.E.)

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

  • Lean Six Sigma Training

Rapid Prototyping

EDS employs welders and fabricators that can bring your product off the computer and into the palm of your hand. Being able to build a model of a design is always beneficial, but nothing can replace being able to show your product off to potential new investors. You know what they say, seeing is believing!

EDS has the ability to build your designs with:

  • Aluminum/Steel welding and fabrication

  • Plastic thermo-forming and injection molding

  • 3D Printing

Rapid Reviews

Already have an engineering team but want to double check their approach? EDS offers intensive one day reviews. EDS will send one of our engineers onsite to meet with your engineering team and analyze their solution approach. Sometimes a tricky problem needs a fresh set of eyes to find the simple solution.

EDS will send an engineer on site to:

  • Meet with executive leadership to determine engineering goals

  • Meet with the existing engineering team to determine the current approach to reaching the executive goals

  • Apply Lean Six Sigma methodology to streamline the engineering process to reduce cost and shorten schedule to reach leadership's goals

Flexible Payment

We've worked in the startup field and know that cash can be tight. That's why EDS is happy to offer a variety of ways to collect payment for our services.

EDS will work with you to find the right payment method:

  • Standard cash contract

  • Cash plus stock deals

  • Pure equity consulting