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Innovative Solutions with State-of-the-Art Technology

EDS harnesses cutting-edge technology to empower our engineers, optimize workflow, and deliver innovative solutions to our clients.

EDS Drone Equipment

In situations demanding urgency, there exists no leeway for rentals. This is why EDS maintains ownership of the equipment utilized in every project. Spanning from the DJI RTK 300 to the DJI FPV, our equipment fleet encompasses a diverse array of drones across varying sizes, ensuring the seamless execution of tasks at hand.

Drone Camera


 EDS offers a comprehensive range of services empowered by our cutting-edge drone camera technology. This includes visual inspections, topographic mapping, thermal imaging,  progress tracking, and more.

Mobile Mapping

EDS is the market leader when it comes to laser scanning in the United States. Our engineers utilize the Emesent Hovermap for ground-based and drone-based mobile laser scanning. The Hovermap allows our team to offer Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) based laser scanning which removes the need for setting control points and allows scans that used to take days to complete, to be performed in a matter of hours. 

Laser Scanner

Geospatial Equipment

Along with the mobile laser scanner, EDS utilizes the Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation , the GS18 T Smart Antenna, and the CS20 Field Controller. This allows our engineers to provide accurate and efficient data from the ground. This equipment is known for its high precision in measuring distances, angles, and elevations.

Virtual Reality

At EDS, we harness the capabilities of the Meta Quest Pro to offer our clients a unique perspective on their projects. Our team has crafted immersive 3D models, accessible through virtual reality, enabling clients to envision their projects well before construction begins. This foresight not only guarantees a seamless preview but also ensures optimal operational and maintenance planning for the equipment.

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Engineering Design Services employs the Microsoft HoloLens2 to integrate augmented reality into the field. This intrinsically safe tool allows our clients to visualize intricate 3D models  directly within the operational environment. This approach allows our clients to identify and eliminate potential interferences that could delay the construction process.

360 3D Imaging

Engineering Design Services has added the insta360 TITAN 3D - 360 3D camera to our equipment fleet. The TITAN contains micro four thirds sensors. These sensors maximize image quality, dynamic range, low-light performance, and color depth, raising the bar for the engineering performed at our firm. 

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