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Petrochemicals Portfolio

Engineering Design Services offers a wide variety of services in the oil & gas industry. Whether you are needing a new nozzle on an ASME B&PV SEC VIII vessel or a feasibility study conducted on a capital project, EDS offers the expertise to get the job done. Below are some projects EDS has worked on.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling

Engineering Design Services LLC was contacted to help develop a new pressure vessel that was to be used in a steel quenching process for a new steel facility being constructed. The client needed a consulting firm that could perform computational fluid dynamics and also design the vessel to meet the requirements of ASME B&PV Sec. VIII Div. I.

Engineering Design Services LLC was able to successfully design the vessel to meet the process requirements – which was verified via computational fluid dynamics (CFD) prior to designing the vessel to meet mechanical integrity requirements.


Pressure Vessel Design

A new fractionation facility was constructed in South Texas. Part of the facility buildout was the construction of a number of large bullet tanks for the storage of Liquified Petroleum Gases (LPGs). The bullet tanks were over 150 feet in length, 16 feet in diameter and were supported on two saddles.

EDS was able to design the vessels and also provided quality control and quality assurance during the construction of the vessels at a local fabrication shop.


Oil Terminal Design

EDS provided engineering support during the design of a new oil terminal in Edna, Tx. The terminal was a greenfield project that took approximately 18 months to complete. The project included multiple 100,000 bbl and 250,000 bbl tanks, vertical and horizontal pumps, motor control centers and large amounts of earthwork.

The project was completed in 2020 and is currently in operation. EDS continues to work with the same client on the development of multiple other oil terminals in and around the same location.


Oil & Gas Surface Site

A local client required support with relocating a pig receiver to a new surface site. EDS laser scanned and accurately modeled components of the site, including this pig receiver, and performed engineering calculations to support the new site design. The model was then saved as a 3D PDF that could be viewed and used by the site team during construction.

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