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Engineering Design Services

Engineering the Future

Innovate, Create, & Elevate

Engineering Design Services LLC exists to help implement new technology into various heavy industrial markets. 

With a dynamic blend of expertise in mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, chemical, and civil engineering, we stand as a versatile powerhouse ready to propel the industries of tomorrow. Specializing in serving the petrochemical, renewable energy, technology, automation, and manufacturing sectors, we are committed to engineering excellence that not only meets industry standards but sets new benchmarks.

Discover how we turn visions into reality, harnessing cutting-edge technologies and unwavering dedication to create sustainable and impactful solutions for a rapidly evolving world.


Engineering Design Services Offers a Range of Services to Meet Our Clients' Needs










Abstract Architecture

Let's Engineer Success Together

We're here to connect, collaborate, and bring visions to life.

Technology Showcase

Engineering Design Services prides itself in its commitment to continuous innovation, always looking to bring new technology into the heavy industrial market. With our latest addition, the Insta360 Titan Camera, EDS has seamlessly integrated a powerful new tool into our technology fleet.

Below, we invite you to explore the Engineering Design Services headquarters in Corpus Christi, Texas. This project showcases an example of what our team can deliver for your refinery or facility. Full 360 degree integrated photographs provide the power to effortlessly navigate through your facility from anywhere on any device. This allows for expanded opportunities for project planning, training, and field verification.

Game: Can you find the 19 hidden Psyduck in all of the internal office images?


Where to Find Us

EDS is headquartered in Corpus Christi, Texas, but serves clients nation wide and internationally. Whether you’re looking for support developing new technology for your startup in California or performing capital projects at your refinery in Texas, EDS is able to provide support.


EDS has a satellite office's across the United States that allow for quick response times for events that may require us to deploy our drone based assets and services.

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